Cahirmee Fair Gallery I

From the Cahirmee Fair, which took place in Buttevant on 12th July 2013, I have collated a number of black and white photographs into a gallery. The Cahirmee fair is a traditional horse fair that takes place in Buttevant every year, with the result being that the main Cork – Limerick road gets closed at this point for the day. All of the photographs here have not been posted on this blog before.

I will also be posting a further colour gallery in a couple of days time, so watch out for this. Previous posts from the fair include ‘Fair Girl‘, ‘Trading Horses‘, ‘Two Men and a Horse‘, ‘Faces at the Fair‘, ‘Cahirmee Horses‘ and ‘Red Cap Trilogy‘.

11 thoughts on “Cahirmee Fair Gallery I

  1. Great shots. If I didn’t know better I would think they were pictures of the Dakota county fair here in Minnesota. Horses and horse people are the same the world over. You sure captured their essence.


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