Competition on the Roof

Reaching for the SkiesThis roof and  half back and white building can be found on the opposite side of Proby’s Road to St Finbarr’s Cathedral in the heart of Cork City. One of the great things about Cork City is it is relatively small so you can walk around most of it to see the main sights. Just be warned, there are some hills around.

14 thoughts on “Competition on the Roof

  1. I’ve missed a stack of your posts, so just going to catch up. Mick, would you be kind enough to answer this question for me – the photos I’ve just posted looked fantastic on my computer screen – sharp etc, but on my blog page they look pretty dire – what am I doing wrong? I’m not sure if it’s my computer settings or whether it’s a pixel dimension problem which is playing havoc when I transfer the saved pics to the blog. Any advice would be gratefully received!


    1. Safia, not too sure on this one. If it looks great on your computer but not on blog it could be pixel reduction. Brightness of screen should affect both. May be its the software showing the pictures. I really don’t know as not come across this myself. Use full size when uploading and see if it makes a difference. If not you could contact wordpress. Sorry not much help. Just enjoy your trip for now. MM


      1. Thanks, Mick. I’ll try the full size thing and see what happens. It’s just a recent problem, ie, the last two posts – I’ll have a fiddle.


      2. I think the problem is, I had my new digital camera set on too high a resolution for my blog theme. The browser resizes to fit the max pixel width for that theme and does a lousy job and of course, clarity and resolution suffer. I can’t improve these particular images on the blog it seems, which is a shame because they look great at full size. All I can do is hope for better the next time … sigh …


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