Blarney Window

If you happen to queue up for the Blarney Stone, just make sure you look around you, there is plenty to see. While you me be glad to hear that I have not kissed the Blarney Stone I did take a photograph of one of the castle windows.Blarney Window

20 thoughts on “Blarney Window

  1. I have kissed the stone ……. and I can say ………… Is a fake because, after kissing it, my english still remains been very bad

    Nice pic


      1. During many years I was thinking that the gift was speak and understand others languages. Obviusly I was wrong all this time. Thanks for the correction.

        And thinking about your words ………. the gift of the gab …………… uhmmm then ………. maybe it worked for me



  2. Himself has kissed it on one of his 26 trips to Ireland in the Navy, sadly, I have never been~
    We watched our very favorite movie 2 nights ago, The Quiet Man.
    It was awesome to see the cinematography and of course the gorgeous Maureen O’Hara~
    The screen play was written by one of my distant relatives, I learned just recently, Frank Nugent~
    Imagine that!


  3. What a great shot. You’ve captured the old stonework so well, I almost feel I am there.

    I don’t think I’d be kissing the Blarney Stone (not with a million other mouths touching it).


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