The 5 Pound Tomato?

Actually, no it should read €5 Tomato ?
Actually, no it should read €5 Tomato ?

Well, I made a bit of a mistake there with the title as of course we now deal in Euros over here, so it should read the €5 Euro Tomato and not the £5 Tomato.  Something just told me that the title ‘5 Pound Tomato’ just might make a few more heads turn, especially if you are Spanish and understand imperial weights!

That is right, the tomato challenge is well under way and this is my most advanced competitor – it only has to get to 2cm in diameter before one of The Sage’s and the €5 is mine.

Will be heading up to the Plot on Wednesday to see how the competition tomato plant is getting on. Of course The Sage has taken this so seriously he has built a special glass unit for his plants. Mine is straight outside but being blessed by remarkable weather this year I might even get a small crop.

And the forecast for the next week? Sun? Best summer in 10 years, easy. Hope the sun is shining out on you all and I better go and feed my tomatoes….

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15 thoughts on “The 5 Pound Tomato?

  1. MM: I fell victim to the pounds and was looking for a huge tomato; darn these Americans in refusing to go metric…to say nothing of the value of the dollar!


    1. Cath, I see no “square” from my end. I guess it is me using an emoji symbol which your computer doesn’t recognise. In my last response I ended it with an image of a “pensive face” and my guess is this has not come through for you. Am guessing a little as I see no square! MM


  2. May I suggest…….The Sage is cheating with his plants being in a special glass unit. The competition is not a competition unless the tomatoes are grown ‘naturally’.

    Good luck!


  3. I went back to see what the challenge was about, so now waiting with anticipation on who wins 😉 My laptop is too old to show the “euro” sign,so I have to use this……E !


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