Cork Blues

Cork Blues

Blue sky, blue waters on the southern channel of the River Lee in Cork City, Ireland. The River Lee itself flows from the centre of the photograph to the foreground, but these waters are also affected by the tide. Here it was like a mill pond.

Having been beaten by Limerick in the Senior Hurling Munster Final on Sunday, may be the city is rather blue at this point.


26 thoughts on “Cork Blues

  1. Thank you, MM, for bringing me beauty. I am back here in Pennsylvania with a temperature of about 95 degrees Fahrenheit with 99% humidity, so this looks so restful and inviting. Ireland is calling to my soul…


    1. It’s even hot here right now and Bruce Springsteen is playing but a mile from my house. Look forward to walking the Hound in the park to the tunes of Bruce a bit later. MM ๐ŸŽถ


  2. What a perfect reflection. I never imagine Ireland to have this type of scene. I always think of green fields when I think of Ireland.
    Great photo, MM.


  3. Me too. I pop in there as often as I can. MM, I was thinking wouldn’t it be fun if you were my first ‘guest blogger’? Are you up to the challenge? I won’t be back on Sherkin until August and it would be nice to be there when you visit… What do you think? P


    1. Thanks, I love the Lavitt Gallery just off this quay, down by the RTE studio. Gonna have to get to Sherkin sometime, been regaled with tales of the Island the last couple of days. MM


    1. The right time for me to have been here was when the otters showed up right in front of my Wife. Would love to see them in the wild. Thanks for commenting, guess I must be very lucky. MM


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