Trading Horses – Cahirmee Fair, Buttevant

This is the day that the main Cork – Limerick road gets closed in order to allow the horse fair at Buttevant to take place. It didn’t always take place in Buttevant high street, moving from Cahirmee (about two miles up the road) in 1921. Allegedly, this used to be the biggest horse fair in the British Isles and the horse that Wellington rode into Waterloo reputedly came from the fair, as did a horse ridden by  Napoleon. The closing of the road may inconvenience some, but for me it is well worth it in order to keep such traditions alive.

One trader I spoke to with a fine chestnut horse lamented that there were very few horse fairs still going these days, so he had travelled all the way down from Carlingford to North County Cork for the event. Carlingford is but a stone’s throw from Northern Ireland, with Carlingford Lough separating the two.Trading Horses

10 thoughts on “Trading Horses – Cahirmee Fair, Buttevant

  1. Great photo MM.
    You captured the light framing the figures perfectly.

    The horse fair sounds like a lot of fun (& probably provides plenty of material for some great photography).


    1. Yes, it was great, the main trouble was the light, very dark shadow and bright light and normally a mix of the two given the confines. The zoom was great for candid shots but often difficult to get a clear view to subjects. MM 🐴🐴


  2. It is although locals prefer to call it Westmorland (which no longer exists after the county boundary changes). Meant to say that was a cracking photo, the light falling nicely on their shoulders. Glad this comment got through – I think you will find a number in your spam folder due to Askimet getting over-zealous – happening to a lot of bloggers at the moment.


    1. Cheers, just checked out some Appleby photos and the painted carriages are fabulous, none like that at Buttevant. Thanks for the comments too. Got a similar colour one to post as well, might do that in a gallery. MM


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