Grace O’Malley’s War Tower

Achill Sound and Granuaile's Tower
Achill Sound and Granuaile’s Tower

At the south east end of Achill Island off the coast of Mayo lies Granuaile’s Tower, known locally as Grace O’Malley’s War Tower. Built in the fifteenth century it was reputedly used by the legendary pirate queen Grace O’Malley (Granuaile).

This picture is for Safia out in the Middle East who misses Achill Island.

11 thoughts on “Grace O’Malley’s War Tower

  1. You kind of sounded blue for a bit of your Achill Island and to also prove that I had been there I decided to drop a couple of photos onto my blog. Of course it could have made it all a lot worse, but glad to hear that your yearning is to be addressed very shortly. Have a safe trip and remember to take some photos of your favourite places. MM 🍀


  2. Hi Mick – thank you so much, you sweetie! I just posted a poem for you on my ‘Irish Poem of the Week’ page and popped over to tell you – so surprised and delighted to see your dedication to me on Grace’s tower. I liked in my Reader the other day but didn’t have time to drop in here. I’m scrolling back up now to soak up Keem Strand.


  3. I remember reading about Grace O’Malley. She certainly didn’t need any help from Women’s Lib to make her feel empowered. Lovely photo, with the reflection of the tower and the clouds in the water.


  4. Wow, this brings back memories Mick. Our re-enactment group worked on a Discovery channel documentary on Granuaile about ten years ago. What a woman! It was presented by Lucy Lawless. Thanks for sharing, I must get back over there soon, 🙂


  5. When I visited Ireland (far too long ago), there was a song titled something like, “40 Shades of Green?” At any rate, now whenever I see a beautiful photo splashed with gorgeous green, I think not only of Ireland, but now your photos. Thank you.


    1. Thank you so much. If you have any special requests just let me know. Thanks for the comment and the song is 40 shades of Green and was written by Johnny Cash while on tour in Ireland. MM 🍀


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