Round the Back

The Old Beamish Brewery
The Old Beamish Brewery

In going along the south channel of the River Lee (it splits in two in approaching Cork City before reuniting at the eastern side of the City by the docks) my footsteps gave me a view to the rear of many a building, including this old brewery site. The facade of the Beamish & Crawford Brewery has changed little to the front, but around the back it is a little different.

The River Lee’s south channel  runs below the foreground wall where I watched a cormorant flick a fish around in its bill, the fish’s scales glistening as they caught the morning light. It’s hard to believe that there are otters living here right in the city centre.

3 thoughts on “Round the Back

  1. I hope so too. The victorian facade of the place still looks fine but taken from the cathedral side it is started to look a bit neglected. There were proposals to use the site as a museum but not sure what is happening at this stage. MM


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