Another Tight Squeeze

Yesterday I went back up to the plot, or as we like to say the Country Retreat, in order to do another round of vegetable gardening with The Sage – more of that in my next post. This trip allowed me to have a peek in at the nest of the Spotted Flycatchers in order to update you all of progress. In my last post,  The Eggs have Hatched, I reported that all five of the eggs had hatched and that the parent birds could be seen flitting around the garden and bringing numerous gifts for their recently hatched offspring.

I am pleased to report that all five chicks are still going strong and the never ending demand for tasty flies continues. The eyes of the chicks are now open, the feathers can clearly be seen forming and the beaks are brightly coloured in order to attract attention and gorge on those morsels brought by the parents. In just five days the progression is impressive, but all this growth means that  it is starting to look like yet “another tight squeeze”, just as we saw with the chaffinch’s nest. I dare say having the compost heap underneath the nest is akin to having the larder and fridge either side of one’s bed.

11 thoughts on “Another Tight Squeeze

  1. How wonderful to capture birds in the nest I love these sorts of posts . I haven’t had a nest watch for ages … 😦
    so so eager those beaks and yes he who squawks .. LOL so true … even a parallel in our lives or is that empty vessels make most noise …


  2. Yes, I get a great kick out of it, so I thought that if I do, perhaps others might too. Not only that but there is me knowing nothing of, for example, the ‘Eastern Bluebird’. It may (or may not be) as common as muck in your parts but for me it would be a novelty. So flipping this on its head, maybe some people in far off lands like to see the birds we see, even if they are a rather dull brown with a slightly mottle front chest…MM

    PS got any pics of the Eastern Bluebird?


  3. Nothing like watching a nest with eggs turn into hatchlings turn into flight-ready birds. We have another kind of flycatcher here in VA that always nests in the same place under our shed roof. Also watching a pair of Eastern Bluebirds raise their several batches of youngins each year….


    1. Thanks, I still find it so exciting to see the changes and hope the local predators (i.e. domestic cats) don’t get a look in. Mrs Sage is certainly on the nervous side. Cheers for taking time to pass comment. MM


      1. Hopefully they wont get them! Its really fascinating to watch ! i only see empty nests here =( and no problem anytime! =) thanks for sharing !


    1. When you set up gallery in wordpress it defaults to thumbnail, but if you click on this box you have a number of options, one of which is circles. To be honest I am just playing around with all this, but I do quite like the circles myself. MM 🐥


      1. Thanks MM.
        I like the circles, so I’ll check them out next time I post something suitable for that shape.


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