Buttercup Yellow – Rathbarry Walk

When young I remember holding buttercups under the chins of each other to see if someone liked butter. Here on the Rathbarry walk, the humble buttercup makes a golden carpet on the short walk up to Rathbarry Church.

6 thoughts on “Buttercup Yellow – Rathbarry Walk

  1. I’ve lived in a good number of cities myself, but always had to have a car in order to escape when I wanted. Hopefully these posts are helping you see such ordinary but glorious sights once more, as opposed to sending you too melancholic for days of yore. Have a good day Vicki, really appreciating the comments. MM 🌳


  2. Wow, that is some field of buttercups.

    Yes, we did the same with holding buttercups under chins (as young children). I just realised that that time would be the last time I’ve actually seen a buttercup. I suppose living in the inner city, I just don’t see some of the common flowers any more, only residential gardens or public parks (& gardens).

    I think that’s what I miss most about inner city living – just seeing wild unkept fields – the ‘natural’ landscape.


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