Under the Apple Tree

Under the Apple Tree

Between sheds, walking to and fro with the watering can, this bit of grass under the apple tree is simply trodden on and goes unnoticed. Yet stop. Look. What a picture it too can make with the golden yellow of the buttercup and the beauty of the common daisy. Perfectly ordinary and extraordinary all at the same time.

Since I have started blogging what I find amazing is that what we take for granted may be seen as a thing of beauty by others in far off lands. Similarly what others, in say Malaysia and Indonesia, may see as normal everyday scenes, strike us as rich and exotic. The sharing of such images can truly brighten up the world.

If you want to see more daisies growing wild and free in Ireland why not pop over to the artful blog of Wild Sherkin, where unsurprisingly you can see daisies on Sherkin Island at Sherkin Daisies.

14 thoughts on “Under the Apple Tree

  1. Hmmm, I think I better check the links again. I hope I am doing this link thing right, will look into later – for now I am off to the plot…I agree fully with your second part, it can often be the small everyday pleasures that one misses the most should they be taken away from you. MM 🎢


  2. How weird, when I click on the two links you provided, it says I “do not have sufficient permission” to edit these links.

    But yes, I’m always amazed at what people find interesting on blogs. I love seeing the small details of everyday life in other countries. One blogging friend from the US (who is also a friend via email for many years), says because she is almost housebound with chronic health problems, she just likes reading about where I go on my afternoon walk. What some of us take for granted is ‘special’ to others.


    1. I think the links have been sorted on this and the recent posts, including Veggie Update III where I had a link to your own site, giving the assistance you have provided. Hope this is now ok. MM 🐌


  3. I’ve checked out both links. Now when I click it goes to the page detailing that link within wordpress and when I then hit the tav view link I get no problems whatsoever. Does worry me that I am not doing something right. And on your first point, still 9 off the 100 mark so a long, long way to go. MM 😦


    1. What an honour – I didn’t realise! The first of thousands, I reckon. BTW, the links to my posts don’t seem to work. It might be just me… but no worries anyway. πŸ™‚


      1. Wildsherkin, I believe the links should now be in working order. And there was me proudly stating I had mastered links a few posts back…..Doh! MM 🌊


  4. The land is green indeed, in Ireland. I was fortunate to have the experience of flying from Dublin to Galway, over the green land, the rock walls and the tiny sheep. As you say, it was especially beautiful because it was so different from Vancouver Island, where all the green is from the forests.


    1. Had an Uncle who lived for a while in British Columbia and he sent me a book, largely of photographs, on BC when I was young. I just thought “wow”. Yet to get there. MM


  5. I agree.Pictures of exotic countries are always beautiful.Sometimes we forget that our own country is also beautiful. We hate rainy summers, some people have never seen snow in their life….


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