Indulgence – Sands of Time

Indulgence - Sands of Time

Sheer indulgence on my part and going back to a shot I took in 2004 while flying in a tiny Cessna plane over Namibia. The perspex window was all scratched, dirty and not exactly transparent while the whole shell of the craft was in continual vibration. What the hell, I loved the scene below so tried my damnedest to capture it. Technically very imperfect and shot on my first digital camera (a cheap bridge camera) but I love this photo. Thought I’d share and see if it gets any reaction.

14 thoughts on “Indulgence – Sands of Time

  1. I never realised there were so many colours of sand until I came to live in the desert. Your shot in Namibia is ethereal and inspiring. I’ve got to have a go at capturing where I live. Thank you.


  2. Sure it was worth posting ! So pale ..a dreamy landscape of pure nothingness
    I’m thinking double cream starting to fold nicely ..


  3. The imperfections make it perfect.It is just like a part of a surrealistic painting by Dali.A good photographer can make awesome pictures, even with a cheap camera.An expensive camerabody doesn’t guarantee a good picture, but it helps.The photographer does the work.


  4. I love this image! – the soft dreamy quality of undulating forms and the suggestion of a flat featureless landscape at the top – very surreal – your “imperfections” are in no way distracting or detracting – maybe the “imperfections” are what make it really work… in my book, technical perfection is not necessarily a high water mark or any indication or assurance of success… thanks


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