The Irony of it All

So in my update on the veggie patch I labelled the compost heap a morgue for the failed vegetables. Well to some extent this remained true as the weaker ‘thinnings’ were fed to the devouring pit. However, just as one life might be ending, others are just beginning. Above the compost, hidden in the blackberry trails, is a beautifully formed cup of a nest. By standing on a crate and holding the camera above me I hoped for the best and below we have conclusive proof of the start to new life. A pair of Spotted Fly-Catchers have laid five eggs and we hope that the creche will come alive with chirping chicks. It’s never dull out in the country where nature continues its own little soap opera of beauty.

Nest of Spotted Fly-Catcher

8 thoughts on “The Irony of it All

    1. Thank you so much for this and I receive this with the kindness with which I know it is meant. Delighted that my wee blog is getting a bit of attention and traffic. MM 👣


    2. Ajaytao, you have to apologise if I am missing something, but am I right to think that the award is the Inner Peace Award and that I should pass this on to 3 of my own nominees with kind words? Your assistance is much appreciated my good fellow man. MM


    1. It is much better than the excuse of a nest made by the chaffinches (which have now fledged). Thanks so much for coming over and visiting the site and taking the trouble to comment. It really is appreciated. MM 👍 🐦


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