Charmed by Chive

Chive is a simplistic enough herb with a mild onion flavour and is one of the easiest herbs to grow. Not only that but when it flowers it does so with the most gorgeous of flowers that it will light up any garden. So what’s stopping you growing it, saving a bit of money and brightening up the place? Hopefully some of these pictures may convince you.

Photo 1 – The Centre Attraction


Photo 2 – The Charming Couple


Photo 3 – The Hard Case & the Soft Touch


The biggest headache caused by the chive this year has been which photo I would select of the three. I like the single spot of bright yellow pollen on the second photo along with detail I really like, but then I also like the last picture in which we can see the tough outer shell before it bursts open to produce the feathery, delicate flower just above it. Well as I am in development mode why not throw my first poll out there. Please vote for which one you like best.

Finally, if you need more persuasion I suggest you visit a new blog that I have come across in one of my favourite areas and just take a look at the header photo (they better not change it in the meantime). There’s only a handful of posts to date, but I have a hunch that this may be one blog to follow (and no, I do not know of or have anything to do with the blogger). So I have let the cat out of the bag: Alison Dunlop

7 thoughts on “Charmed by Chive

  1. Just looked at this and the link works fine for me. When putting in the link I simple copy from my ‘links’ page and paste in the text. Is this the right way to do it? Another user had problems with my rhubarb recipe link. Any help/ comments appreciated on this. MM


    1. Yes, and to think people will pay a euro or two in the shop when you can this in a window box, outside the back door etc and then pick so fresh to add to a salad, potato,… Thanks for the comment.


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