Awards & Nominations

The excellent blogger Seabluedreaming has nominated me for three awards which is pretty good as my blog is still undergoing construction. The awards are as follows:

Best Moment AwardSeed of Light Awardversatilebloggernominations-copy

Thanks Seabluedreaming, I particularly like the words of the Seeds of Light award. Having thanked Seabluedreaming and accepted these, I understand that my next mission is to nominate 10 further bloggers for these awards. As I am new to this game I thought it would be difficult, but in doing it I am now trying to narrow the list down. So my nominations in no particular order and all that jazz, are:

The Wind and the Still

Poppy Tump

Frannie Loves Marie

Formal Division & Surface Patterns

Pedro Holderbaum


Ed Mooney Photo

Living with ADHD

HDR Dreamcatcher


Finally, I believe the last task is to answer the following list of questions, so here goes.


1-What is the meaning of life?

Happiness and compassion, first to yourself and then to others

2-What is happiness all about?

Being true to yourself

3-Why did you start a blog?

It was suggested I should do it and I wanted an outlet for the more creative side of me.

4-What is more important in your life: relationships or fame?

Relationships are most important, including with oneself

5-What is the one thing you like about blogging?

Inspiration and feedback

6-What is the best decision you ever made?

To seek support when needed

7-Do you believe that unconditional love really exists in any kind of relationship?


8-Do you believe in Karma? If yes then what  are the good and bad Karma according to you?

Yes, but ultimately I believe that all karma is good.

9-Do you believe in rebirth or afterlife? If yes, then why?

Is this important? Surely one should go about one’s life whether these exist or not?

10-What is the best moment of your life?



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