Lough Caragh

Lough Caragh lies to the north-west of Killarney town and is somewhat removed from the crowds that throng the main Killarney lakes. It is also just off the main Ring of Kerry route, with most visitors tending to head to Glenbeigh and Rossbeigh Strand which stretches across the bay in an effort to reach Inch Strand on the Dingle Peninsula.

This always reminds me of the riddle “where is an Inch more than a mile?”, referring to the 3 mile1 long Inch Beach – in Ireland the word beach is often substituted with strand, especially in place names and on maps.

At the south-eastern end of the lough lies a forest track that leads to a car park with great views over the lough, though the trees may prove a hinderance. It is well worth a short circular walk in the forest along a marked trail and taking a spur path (well marked). This spur takes one to a viewing point which gives great views over Lough Caragh itself (as seen in the header image for this post) as well as out towards the Dingle Peninsula and back across to the McGuillycuddy Reeks where Ireland’s highest mountain can be found – Carrauntoohil.

looking in a northerly direction with the eastern tip of Lough Carragh in the foreground and Inch strand and the Dingle Peninsula in the background
Inch Strand and the Dingle Peninsula
Spur Path and The Reeks
Spur Path and The Reeks

Something that one has to get used to in Ireland is seeing the same name spelt in a variety of ways. Take Carrauntoohill for example, the name of Ireland’s highest mountain. Google maps has it down as Carrauntoohil, while Kerry Climbing Club also use Corrán Tuathail, while Carrantoohil and Carrantuohill are also common spellings. It’s the same with people’s names.

Back to the main subject of the post – Lough Caragh and a few more images from the spur viewpoint looking down upon the Lough. The side to the right is roughly the northern side of the lough and here the minor road hugs the shoreline, tracing each contour of the land. Not exactly a straight road but very picturesque.

In amongst all the green one can also find a surprising amount of colour.

Heather and gorse provide colour to the hillside

And how else could I end but with a picture of the unmistakable Hound, taking in his new surroundings (more of this in the next post).

A hound pauses in amongst the bracken
In his Element

1 according to Discover Ireland

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