The coiled Spring of a bracken fern, ready to unfurl

Chameleons, snails and caterpillars

Well that’s the appearance that young bracken fronds can be compared with as they look to unfurl their treasures and open up to the world in a race for the light.

Once again the scene is Garryduff Woods – despite being able to travel more than the 5km (we can now travel within our county, which for me is County Cork) – where the streams tumble down and the red squirrels play. One of the little joys of spring is seeing the unfurling of ferns, in this case bracken.

In the woodland a bracken frond resembles a chameleon's tongue, ready to pounce on a passing insect
Chamelon’s Tongue
The forest floor races to the sky as spring erupts
Side by Side
A bracken frond gradually releases itself from its tight wrappings
Waking Up
Bracken stalks resemble walking sticks as they expand further in their search for the light and growth
The World keeps on turning

These wonderful fronds are up against some pretty stiff competition for the light, not least this mighty chestnut tree that I have photographed before, though not from this angle.

A mighty horse chestnut sprouts dazzling green leaves as spring embeds itself

Go on, get outside and see what wonders nature has to offer.

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