Cream oval window with a half curtain, but nothing going on inside

Locked Down

Sometimes walking with a camera in hand can mean that one fails to immerse oneself fully into an environment; it is to be an observer rather than a participant in all that is going on around. At other times having a camera can lead to seeing familiar places in a new light, seeing details that are often overlooked. Choose your time to carry the camera wisely.

Walking along George’s quay in Cork City centre to do a tour of murals in the city, a small oval window of a pub struck me as I made my way in the direction of the cathedral. This is the old Callanan Bar on the corner of Mary Street. It could be mistaken for a bar that has been shut down for many a year, but its pause in service is simply Covid related.

The Oval Window of a cork City Bar

The curtain cannot mask the quietness that emanates from within. An old fashioned Irish Pub, with little in the way of soft furnishings, a pub that might be referred to as an ‘old man’s’ pub. In normal times the sounds of chatter and glasses being raised would bounce off the floors and walls and the cream panelled wooden seating. A homely place with a real fire.

The dull oval window of an old bar besides the River Lee on George's Quay, Cork City
Time Please

Who is to say whether this old bar has already called time on account of the pandemic. Sad times indeed.

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      1. Where I am people actually socail distance to an extent, but there are crowds everywhere. The wife and I try not to venture out unless necessary. We both had our 1st Covid vaccination and looking forward to number 2

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