A boat on the Blackwater tied to the river bank

Quiet Waters

As different device sizes will alter how the post’s title image is displayed I provide the image below in its full form for all to see.

A boat on the Blackwater tied to the river bank

The boat was somewhat in shade and the trees across the water drew the eye towards them with their leaves, changing, turning and falling.

Yet there was something unspoken of this boat, barely able to stop the River from taking it away altogether. So I tried taking the shot as I saw it, wondering whether others might see what I saw in the scene, a brooding and fading beauty.

Love to have your own thoughts on this.

5 thoughts on “Quiet Waters

    1. Hi there Dannie, just trying to catch-up. So little time. Hope the Covid is not troubling you too much. Took the image on a trip to the North of the County, the edge of the bounds for travel at the time. Now we can only go 5km from home so the options are much less. Just shows you gotta go when you can. Stay safe MM☘️

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      1. We are doing well and keeping our heads down, but it seems we are in the minority over here. I can’t even imagine trying to enforce a 5km restriction here. It would be pandemonium, fist fights, yelling and occasional gunplay, ha! Maybe not that bad but it wouldn’t work. Stay safe my friend.

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    1. Thanks Jane, I think ethereal light was the phrase I was reaching out to grab but failing miserably. All I know is I captured it exactly how I wanted it. Nothing outlandish and attention grabbing, but all the same it had a quiet, captivating way. Thanks for commenting, John

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