Glenabo Woods

Fermoy in County Cork stands on the River Blackwater, a river well known for its fishing, just like many of the rivers in Ireland.

Take the river walk out of town to the west and where the path heads away from the river, follow it up to the road through an obvious path. On hitting the road take a right and very shortly you will come across the entrance to Glenabo Woods.

Everyone we met in there had a dog in tow, the paths are wide and well worn and it is well worth the excursion. If lucky you may also get to see the elusive red squirrel. Such fabulous creatures.

As you can see the leaves are still to turn properly, so hopefully Covid may allow a return visit when the fall is in full flow.

Get out there and let nature amaze you.

14 thoughts on “Glenabo Woods

    1. Thanks Ritva, as the weather was not at its best it was very quiet and we only came across a handful of people. Glad we travelled while we did as we are now in lockdown and can only travel 5km from home. Stay safe and thanks for joining in.

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      1. Ritva, just to let you know when I click the link here for ‘Ritva Sillanmaki Photography’ I get a 404 message can not be found. I have found your site via google and particularly like your use of light in the portrait pictures. Stay safe, have a good week, MM☘️

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      2. That is odd, I have deleted two of my sites, Monochrome and paintings and sculpture, but I do still have two remaining. I have had serious problems with my ART BY RITVA blog, it is swamped by spams, about 200 a day. Maybe this has something to do with it. I will check it out, thanks for telling me.


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