A weaver bird hangs upside down while making repairs to its nest

Wonderful Weavers

The Golden Palm Weaver was a very welcome resident at our hotel on Unguja Island in the Zanzibar archipelago. Passing these colourful birds on the way to breakfast was a wonderful way to start each day.

A weaver bird hangs vertically down as it surveys its surroundings
Looking Down

Here we have the morning gymnast, getting in a quick work out before breakfast.

A weaver bird perches on a palm frond, its bony claws keeping it secure
Due a Manicure

This one looks as if it was first to the breakfast table and now is in line for a visit to the hotel spa.

A weaver bird hangs upside down while making repairs to its nest
Running Repairs

And here is the home maker, ensuring that everyone is comfortable and all is up to scratch.

15 thoughts on “Wonderful Weavers

  1. Had a weaver village just behind my house in Thailand and they were amazing to sit and watch. They would build intricate homes with very long entrance tunnels at the bottom. You would have to watch carefully to see them enter their home because they hit the entrance at high speed. I believe the long tunnel entrance was to discourage snakes. Your bird have a much more vibrant color. Beautiful photos

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    1. There are so many species of weaver birds, some quite dull in colour, others splendidly bright. The nests alike are so varied, some works of art, others appearing to be a total mess. Enthralling for sure πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ§


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