A hound keeps watch in the snow

Snow Hound II

It seems a long time since the snow was here, making a nice white blanket across the land.

It’s much warmer now, but the precipitation remains – only it now falls as rain. Spring it may be, but so far it has been a bit of a damp squib.

So yes the snow has long since gone, but time being short I still have a good few snow shots to upload and where else should I recommence other than with the hound?

A colllie hound cross ignores the falling flakes and scouts the scene
Taking it all in
A hound sits in the snow, leaving a trace of his own outline
Making a Mark
A handsome hound surveys the local quarry from the top of its rim
The Regal Stance

Forgive me for my indulgence once more.

For those interested, these shots were taken on the edge of the old Beaumont Quarry in Cork – you can see the floodlights of Páirc Uí Rinn in the background.


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