Snow makes patterns in a Cork Garden, 2018

Shapes in the Garden

The snow saw some great shapes form in the garden; I particularly liked the wedding cake bird bath and the way the snow danced around its base.

A bird bath covered in snow resembles a wedding cake
Bird Bath Iced Cake

Flowers that had been awakened by the coming of spring now found themselves buried under a blanket of snow.

Daffodils felled by snow as spring storms strike
False Dawn
Snow wraps itself around a garden plant pot
Snow causes shapes in the garden
Shapes of White
Daffodils fall foul of teh late snow

Nature can provide so much fascination, there is so much to see.

4 thoughts on “Shapes in the Garden

  1. You’ve certainly had some snow over there John. Such magical shapes and beautiful snow. I can only ever see the magic of snow having never had to live with it and the great melting that comes with warmer weather 🙂

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  2. Those are lovely shapes! I agree with you on that. Snow is a nuisance in the end, yet there is that magical time before it is disturbed by the normal activities of life when it transforms the landscape into soft, magical shapes! Of course, once it melts, it sustains plant life.


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