A cold Easterly wind blows through a bare shivering tree in a Cork City park

Emma and the Beast

In getting home on Wednesday evening I received a text to say that work over the next two days would be cancelled due to a status red weather alert.

So what else is one to do but head outdoors to the local park and greet the storm that was starting to get stuck into Cork.

A gnarled tree stands against a snow blizzard in a Cork Park, Ireland
Start of the Storm

I’d been wanting toΒ  capture this bent tree for a good while, but either I didn’t have my camera on me, or the light and weather did the scene no justice.

At last I think Storm Emma and The Beast from the East combined to bring a shot deserving of the tree. Conditions were blizzard like when taking the image.

The above image has been processed in Lightroom, while the original is set out below.

A storm battered tree trembles as a blizzard intensifies
Original Cold

So which do you prefer “Start of the Storm” or “Original Cold”.

Don’t know how I managed to avoid getting snowflakes on the lens.


26 thoughts on “Emma and the Beast

  1. Great composition but prefer Start of the Storm. I think B&W make the most of these conditions and really there is nothing else to see. love the streaks of snowflakes across the trunk and yes amazing you didn’t get at least one on the lens πŸ™‚

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      1. I’m fine, it was obvious something major was coming so we’re well stocked up with groceries and just sitting it out indoors – and awaiting another deluge of snow this afternoon! πŸ™‚

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    1. To be honest I am loving it as it is not often we get real snow to contend with. Stunning, although it will last just a few days and then the floods will likely start. Hope all good with yourself Rajiv.

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