Classy Elf

While fashion comes in and out upon a whim, class is much more permanent. Take this Riley Elf, a real classy number.

The front of a classic Riley Elf.

The chrome at the front of the wee Elf harks back to a bygone motoring era; not too much plastic to be found here.

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Alas I had only just started taking images when the owners came rushing out of the hotel. Unsurprisingly, this wee beauty had a wedding to attend so any photoshoot had to be hastily abandoned.

Oh well, it was a beauty to see. If only the local kingfishers would sit as still.


3 thoughts on “Classy Elf

  1. All good, My Friend! Thanks for the ask. If not later will say now…happiest of holiday festivities throughout the remainder of 2017! I’m astounded 😳 at how quickly we all ran through this year. Or…did it run through us? Always, RRR

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