Honour the Dead, Warn the Living

It’s a beautiful building and looks a bit like a stable, but it holds a dark past.

Beautiful Building, Dark Past

Inside the sight of furnaces and metal stretchers, on which bodies would have been transported into the flames, brought home the dark truth of its use.

Process of Removal

Here the bodies of the dead were fed to the flames, the evidence going up in smoke.

This is the second crematorium in the Camp, the first one unable to cope with the number of dead bodies that had to be dealt with.

An oven in the crematorium used to dispose of bodies

It could have been even worse, the unit also contains a gas chamber but this allegedly remained unused.

Outside the crematorium there is a statue to the “Unknown Prisoner”


The tribute translates as “Honour the Dead, Warn the Living”.

I cannot think of a better way of putting it.

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