End of The Line

For many this marked the end of the line, a place where many would not survive. The name of this place is Dachau, a short journey by train to the north of Munich.

Initially trains ran to Dachau town centre and from there prisoners would be marched to the camp. The extension of the line to the camp’s front gates was completed to make a more efficient transition process.

Today, you can tour this site for free and people come of their own volition to learn from history. It begs the question of how much have we really learnt.

At first I was going to utilise an image with only a few people present, such as that pictured below, but in reviewing the images it struck me how the cover image I chose was in such contrast to the scenes when Dachau was a concentration camp; this time the crowds of people were there out of choice and to remember those that had perished.

End of the Line

Somehow the lack of people in this image did not seem right, though it may reflect the abandoned nature of the camp.

Using more of a sepia tone helped:

Entrance to Dachau Concentration camp in sepia
Sepia Tones

Though ultimately I kept turning back to the image with the presence of people visiting the site, a black and white image to remove the distraction of bright clothing.

People Gather

A site well worth the visit and not just because there is no entrance fee.

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