iPhone Ballycotton

Last week  we took off to Ballycotton to do the cliff top walk, a favourite of the wife. We walked light which meant that the camera stayed at home so I made do with the iPhone.

The quality of images is not as good as normal, but I hope you can appreciate them nonetheless.

Fresh faced

Here is myself and The Hound, looking as regal as ever. The Hound that is.

The Lighthouse

Looking back along the cliffs one can take in the lighthouse at Ballycotton, near the commencement of the walk.

Signs warn of the danger of cliff diving for those mad enough to dare…. Somehow I can’t see Acapulco quaking yet.

signs at Ballycotton warn of the danger of the cliffs and cliff diving
Warning Signs

The beach, visible only when the tide goes out, is a lovely light sand and our boy enjoyed a romp along it.

Sandy Beach
Beach Joy

And now an image of a great partnership (well according to me anyway). Thanks to The Wife for the silhouette image.

Best Friends

Time for a treat I feel

Treat Time

Of course it isn’t just the sea and cliffs one can admire and at this time of the year the harvest is golden.

Golden Harvest

Well, I think we can squeeze another image of The Hound in here – any old excuse.

Green n Gold

Once more photo credit to the Wife.

So that was it, time to take the path back to the fishing village of Ballycotton in East Cork.

The Path Home

And at the end of the path it must be time for ….a rest.

I hope you enjoyed this brief walk along the cliffs of Ballycotton in East Cork.

Love to hear what you think

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