Most people have probably heard of Neuschwanstein Castle in Bavaria, Germany, but very few people can probably tell me where Alpsee is (the lake that is). The header image and that below are of Alpsee, a glorious panorama of alpine mountains and clear fresh water.

Alpsee happens to be the lake one almost passes in walking from Neuschwanstein Castle’s ticket centre up to the fairytale castle that was the basis of the Disney castle.  Yet while coaches bus tourists up to the famous castle, few seem to take time to simply take in the surroundings and stroll around the lake. I would say a pity, but in truth it was great to leave the crowds behind and feel the magic of this serene area.

I think the scene can best be appreciated in a panorama, so here is the same image but with my preferred crop.

Lakeside bliss in Bavaria, Germany
Alpsee Panorama

I feel the image deserves a bit more work, a spot of dodging and burning, but for now I hope you can simply appreciate this wonderful scene.

8 thoughts on “Alpsee

    1. I bet this place would be equally stunning in winter – and in some ways it is nice that it gets overlooked so its serenity can be appreciated by those who tale the time to explore its beauty…..Thanks for your comments really appreciated. MM🍀

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    1. The hoardes of visitors to Neuschwanstein Castle is understandable but to escape them and find a place of such tranquility and beauty round the corner was fantastic – Our car remained in the castle visitor’s car park. Cheers for the comment 🍀

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