A young man flies high on a swing on the island of Arran

Where have I been? The Answer

Well done to Sarah of Mirador Design for correctly guessing the Isle of Arran, Scotland.

It is one of the easiest of the Scottish islands to get to, lying in the Firth of Clyde and requiring a short ferry ride from the Scottish mainland to the south west of Glasgow. The island is said to represent Scotland in miniature, the north being mountainous and full of red deer, while farmland and forest are to be found to the south.

We were staying in Kildonan on the southern shore, our view for the week being directly to Pladda and its lighthouse.

Sun Dances on the Reeds

In the background of the above photograph is the very distinctive shape of Ailsa Craig, reminding me of a Sugarloaf mountain rising from the sea. It is from this small rocky isle that the majority of curling stones, that eccentric Olympic sport akin to bowls on ice, come from.


Clue 2 featured the most amazing library that I have ever been to. Set in a forested area near to Eos Mor waterfall, it was like stumbling into a set for Hansel and Gretel. This was very close to our Kildonan home for the week and in one of the images one can actually make out Ailsa Craig through the library window.

Hidden in the Woods

Clue 3 featured the Machrie Moor standing stones which are to be found in the west of the isle.

Machrie Stones

Clue 4 featured Holy Isle which lies just off the Isle of Arran, the first image of which shows the ferry which departs from Lamlash and takes all of 10 minutes. On this isle are a couple of Buddhist retreats and some very specific animal inhabitants; Soay sheep, Eriskay ponies and white viking goats. Unusually, one of the lighthouses here is square in shape.

Island Ferry

So I hope you enjoyed your trip to the Isle of Arran, Scotland. If you are still unsure of where it is I have been, here is a map to help you…..





13 thoughts on “Where have I been? The Answer

  1. We love Arran. We used to go for day trips from our house in Argyll as we could hop the short ferry from Skipness to Lochranza. Machrie Moor was my favourite spot on the whole island, especially if we were there completely alone. We also love the gardens at Brodick Castle. It looks like you had a great time on Arran.

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    1. Hi there Laura, yet to go to that part of Kintyre but for family reasons just have to go top Saddell Abbey. Arran was great, couldn’t get over the bench and set of swings at nearly every coastal vantage point. Magic and I hope I have brought back some real good memories for you all, MM ๐Ÿ€

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    1. It is similar in many respects and both are found in the UK. However, Stonehenge is considerably larger and has portal stones, lying on the top of stones in a horizontal position. Stonehenge is also in southern England while this is on a Scottish Isle. Nice to see you Nurul and thanks for the comment. MM ๐Ÿ€

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