A Pair of Kings

The scene looks pretty dull and uninspiring; graffiti sprawls across the corrugated metal sheets of buildings falling apart, a gravel track runs alongside and parallel to a drainage ditch.

This is at the back of what is currently a major building project in Cork City.

Yet here lurks one of nature’s most stunning birds. At first I just spotted one flying up and down the channel, resting on outcropping branches. As the bird took flight there was no mistaking the dazzling turquoise plumage, iridescent in the sunlight. The orange and white throat only underlined the presence of a Kingfisher.  Who would have thought one would see such a beautiful specimen in this spot.

And just as one marveled at nature, a pair of Kingfishers made their way along the water. Wow.

Go out there and be prepared to be amazed by nature, take a look around you wherever you are and however foreboding conditions may seem.

Here are a few shots from this walkway, sadly not a kingfisher in sight mind.

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4 thoughts on “A Pair of Kings

    1. I took these shots before I even knew the birds were in the area. It would have been even more frustrating to have the camera but not the right lens. As it was I could just simply admire the beautiful winged creatures 👍

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