Wisps of Cloud

The sun had already fallen below the skyline, but the sky was still full of its parting shots, embellished by the wisps of cloud in the sky.

As with my post of yesterday (Stamens and Shadows) the images are at a low resolution so not ideal for a banner. Here is the full size image:




14 thoughts on “Wisps of Cloud

    1. Thank you so much Sameen, so good to hear and hope to see you again very soon – the answer to where I have been will be given next week, with the locations of the photos used. Enjoy your weekend, MM πŸ€

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    1. Thanks Julie, this really was a question of picking the camera up quickly, opening the window and capturing the magic before it all disappeared in the fading light. Need to pop on down to FPF🐸 for my injection of paradise kiwi style….

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    1. Jane, I just opened the window (at this time of year they are a bit grubby), stuck the camera out, made sure to get the roof silhouette and took (more or less). The cloudy wisps just begged to be captured in the fading sunlight…πŸ“·

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