The Road Taken – Part II

When I first saw the nature of the week’s photo challenge – The Road Taken – my first thoughts leapt to Iceland and some of the stunning gravel roads that we took in the Westfjords region back in 2014.

The one that stood out has to be the road to Raudisandur, a noted red coloured sand beach. The colour of the road on which we traveled was remarkably similar. The descent from the pass to the valley and then onto the coast was plagued by hairpin bends, gravel corners and a total lack of safety barriers. Not for the feint hearted.

Gravel Hairpin

While the sight of the beach itself was well worth the whiteknuckle drive, the real reward came a little later, towards the end of the road.

Image of Red Sands Beach, Iceland
On the Beach

The great surprise from this road taken was the church nestled between the cliffs and the sea and bathed in a carpet of dandelions.

Colours of Iceland


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