The wonderfully talented and amusing “Jots from a small apartment” has featured a post with her own interpretation of one of my images. Raye calls it a collaboration, but believe me when I say that she is responsible for almost all the work. From my photograph she has painted her own interpretation and then spun words to entrance.
If you have not met Raye and her jots from a small apartment, may I suggest you put that right. Yes, right now.

Jots from a Small Apt.


Did you get my message? The Reader said it was about time we had a sit-down, and The Reader is right. It really is time.

There isn’t much that comes and goes around that The Reader doesn’t comment on, has an uninvited opinion on or a question about. However, this is not particularly about The Reader. This is about last year (2016) when The Reader asked you, “Cher, how are you feeling about your seventieth birthday?” Which was, at that time, a couple of months away. Even though you don’t know me, and we’ve never met…I recall your answer so more or less clearly.

You said (more or less) after a long, long pause: “I’m having a difficult time wrapping my head around that one.”

Cher! Me! Too! That could just be THE one thing you and I have in common: wrapping that head around the big…

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