Summit Snooker Club

As we walked by to the top of Howth Head, north of Dublin, we passed a doorway partly hidden by overgrowth. This was the doorway to the Summit Snooker Club. It captured my attention.

Time Moves On
Time Moves On

No doubt in the day of Alex Higgins, Dennis Taylor, Steve Davies etc.. this was the place to come, but now the entrance is forlorn. I particularly like the above image, it is as if the small leaves on the tarmac represent old pennies.

I also include below a fuller image of the door, daubed by graffiti as it is.

Daubed Door
Daubed Door

I hope you enjoyed your trip to the entrance of this old snooker club. It begs the question, just what does it look like inside?


10 thoughts on “Summit Snooker Club

  1. Bring back snooker clubs! My husband has just joined one with his dad for some family bonding. They both have new cues and are loving it!

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