An upturned boat on the shore at Provincetown, Cape Cod, Massachusetts

Red Star

Unfortunately when traveling and taking images one too often takes insufficient time in making a capture.

Alas it is so with this image here, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway as, despite its shortcomings, I think it still has some appeal. In this case I wanted to get the full sign in, but exclude some other distracting details in the foreground. This led to me doing a not very good impression of a contortionist with the result that the horizon was not level. So after leveling the image I find much of the foreground sand cut off and the boat sitting a little too low in the image.

An upturned boat on the beach at Provincetown, Cape Cod, USA
Red Star

Well, I’m putting it out there, flaws and all.

Incidentally I did try taking the image with a narrower aperture, more standard for landscape, but my instincts were correct and I preferred the shorter depth of focus.

Have a good week.


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