3 Months On

1st October 1916 and the Battle of the Somme had been raging for a whole three months. Countless men lay dead and many more were no longer capable of action.

In this post I simply feature a few of the memorials that I picked out from the war cemeteries visited earlier this year. The individual stones not only reflect the tender age of those killed, but also that those killed were from all reaches of the globe.


Canadian, 21




New Zealand
New Zealand


Australian, 20
Australian, 20

The last of these images is of the memorial to the 51st Highland Division at Beaumont Hamel, taken on a rather dull day. It can be found within the Newfoundland Memorial site, overlooking the “Y-Ravine”, a scene of a notable victory for the division.

In memory of all those that served in the great war.

Never Forget


If it was true then, how much truer can it be now that a war on one side of the world has consequences for those in all parts? Yet war goes on around our planet.

The folly of man.

11 thoughts on “3 Months On

      1. Hi John, nice to take the time to revisit old friends. Working at a gold course (crazy hours) since April cut me off from both reading and writing!
        I did, however, go on my dream trip to Tuscany for 3 weeks in September!
        20 miles! Which one?

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