Alhambra – Summer Palace and Gardens

It was back in April of this year that we were in Anadalucia in Spain and visited the Alhambra, Granada. To my chagrin I have posted very little on this to date, so here I try and make some amends.

This post shows the Summer Palace and Gardens (Generalife). It boasts fine architecture itself as well as stunning views onto the main Alhambra complex and Granada.

Graceful Garden
Alhambra View from Generalife
Through the Arches
Alhambra View
The Summer Palace, generalife
Summer Palace
View from Generalife of Granada
Granada View
Gardens of the Generalife and views of Granada

A place that is well worth the visit, just try and book your tickets well in advance – you might not get in otherwise and that would be a big, big shame.

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