Fearsome Friday

The nose ring gives it away immediately that one is staring into the face of a big black bull. However, looking into the face I cannot help but notice its long eyelashes and the lack of threat in the eyes – even though my dog was standing with me and calves were in the field.

Plenty of Bull
Plenty of Bull

So today’s title was more in irony than anything else, though I have to admit there was a fence between us.

Enjoy the weekend,

MM πŸ€

11 thoughts on “Fearsome Friday

  1. Your picture reminds me of my goddaughter when she was about 4 and being introduced to a bull for the first time. She asked the farmer about the nose ring and she proceeded to tell her what the purpose of it was. My goddaughter stated nah and that it is meant to be stylish – ha!

    I knew of a bull that was used for stud purposes and he was bucket fed by hand – he was gentle to a degree of course in still being a bull.

    Happy Weekend – Enjoy πŸ™‚

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      1. Nothing better than a good weekend escape! I had a great weekend – bought a house in April and almost every weekend is home improvement time in order to get ready for the Holidays. My husband’s family is coming down for Thanksgiving and my family (who have not celebrated Christmas together since 2004) are coming down for the Christmas Holiday – cannot wait – 2nd Florida Christmas, but 1st time with family here for the Holidays.

        Happy Week – Enjoy πŸ™‚

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