the cobbles of Barrack street plunge down to Cork City centre

Barrack Street

Recently I placed a number of posts lamenting the forlorn appearance of Barrack Street, with many shops boarded up, weeds growing all around and a general air of decay hanging in the air.

To underline the point I also featured a number of posts on Cork City centre where a number of shiny new buildings now stand and a river boardwalk provides an ideal setting to take a latte or cappuccino beside the River Lee as it flows on down to the sea.

I am a fan of Barrack Street, it has a character all of its own, combining old pubs, where Jack Russells wander in and out, with the ebb and flow of a vibrant student population; University College Cork is just up the road.  There is a lovely bohemian coffee shop / second hand bookshop called Alchemy while it is difficult to beat Tom Barry’s and its excellent beer garden.

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It is a shame that so many properties along the street have fallen into decay but I am convinced that this area is ripe for development. In my view the challenge is to bring in the new and yet retain the character and vibe of this old traditional street.

Coming back in 10, or even 5, years time it will be interesting to see how much has changed.

MM 🍀


12 thoughts on “Barrack Street

  1. Hi MM, just came across your post when googling Barrack Street. My Dad is from Greenmount near to Barrack Street and it saddens him to see it looking rundown. On my part, I have hopes for this street. There are some great pubs esp with MrBradleys having just reopened. Alchemy and Elizabeth Fort are worth a visit.

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    1. Hi there Gemma, I have still to get into the Elizabeth Fort, but will and hopefully soon. I think Barrack Street is so ripe for a pick up and has so many of the right ingredients for this to happen. I am convinced it is just a matter of time. Of course I am not privy to any council manouvers or developers’ interests on this. I will be back to capture the change anyway, assuming I am here to see it. Thanks for getting in touch, great to hear from you Gemma, John / MM 🍀


      1. Thanks for the reply John-I hope you do return to find more positive changes and to capture it like before 🙂 Best, Gemma

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