Changing Light

One thing is sure in the Irish summer is that the weather can change so quickly and with it, the light too.

Tramore beach-1

Here a dark storm rolls in from the Atlantic to provide a threatening backdrop to the bright sand.

In this second image, an almost pastel watercolour effect is obtained by a much more muted light.

Pastel Shore
Pastel Shore

Ok, there may have been a small amount of tweaking in Lightroom on each image, but the processing was pretty much the same.

For those interested the beach is Tramore Strand near Dunfanaghy in County Donegal and the island that can be seen in the second image is Tory Island.

For those really sharp eyed viewers, yes that is The Hound and he can be found in Donegal Dawg viewing this same beach.

So which image do you prefer and why?

22 thoughts on “Changing Light

  1. it has difficult to say “no” to anything with Tory Island, but I do prefer the first. it may be the footprints, with the clouds, and the green land together with the opposing storm the line- the sea- between the opposing forces also gives it more passion to me.

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    1. Donegal really does have the most amazing beaches and because it is remote and the weather unreliable they tend to be pretty deserted too. So when it all comes together it can be really special. Unfortunately Denis I don’t know the beaches of Southern Australia, so you are just going to have to show me these yourself and be my guide, πŸ˜‰


    1. Thanks Julie, I don’t much go for the colour slider I have to admit as I think it can make pictures unnatural looking. After that it is all about balance…….Liking your local beach πŸ˜€


    1. Yes, I agree on the composition, would have much preferred to have gotten Tory Island to the side of the image rather than bang in the centre. However, moving the view to the left or right meant including other elements that were a bit distracting. Thanks for the feedback as ever Anne, MM πŸ€


  2. Both are lovely images. I probably prefer the first image because of the drama and the counterpointing of that deep blue sky against the golden yellow sand. And maybe because, as a Scot, I am used to dramatic, stormy weather.

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