Reflections on the pathway by the River Lee, flooded with water

Path of Reflections

Anyone who has seen much of this blog will know that I just love reflections, be it from glass, water or any other form.

There is something quite fascinating about reflections that allows us to see the same item in a different manner, even challenge our own thinking, notice things one might not normally see when just looking at the object itself.

Here is a very simple image made by the reflection of two skeleton trees on a flooded pathway in Cork City.

skeleton trees get reflected in a puddle
Path of Reflections

For more images featuring reflections you can head to Reflections.


15 thoughts on “Path of Reflections

    1. Oh Dale, you are, as ever, too kind, but thanks for the eulogies. Glad you cannot resist them either. Here I liked the fact that there were reflections on a path (albeit a waterlogged one). To my mind a very ordinary scene transformed by reflections…Have a great weekend Dale, 😘

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