Image of Sun Voyager sculpture

Weekly Photo Challenge – Symbol

Another great title from the photo challenge – Symbol

Trouble is I have been somewhat stuck for time and the weather has been pretty lousy. Not conditions for a great entry this time round. Nevertheless I have dug around for a few symbols, so here goes:

Beneath each image (just hover over each of them) I have put my own words as to what they symbolise. Ireland, Scotland and Portugal feature amongst the images as these are each significant countries for me personally and thus provide many symbols.

The Barcelos Cock of Portugal is actually the top of an old wine stopper, while within

the Irish symbols we have the fuchsia of West Cork and Shandon Tower of Cork City as well as more recent images to reflect the shadow of the Celtic Tiger. Could not help but skip the image of the wee beastie in there again, such an emblem of the Scottish Highlands.

Well have a great weekend, MM πŸ˜€


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