Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

This week’s photo challenge is “door” as I only found out last night, despite each challenge being posted on a Friday. Never mind I love this week’s challenge, so a root around some of the old archives and posts should reveal enough material.

It would seem that I have a fetish for red doors in need of a lick of paint. Which one takes your fancy and why?

19 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Door

  1. I am a door dork in that color draws me in and I really want to open the door to see what is in there – sometimes I peek in a window if I can get away with it – ha! Love the pic with the red wall and no color to the door 🙂 Happy Day – Enjoy!

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    1. Alas that door and wall are no more, cranes and a new block under construction now mark the spot where they had stubbornly stood……Thanks Tina, hope the week is good for you…🍀


  2. I like them all but the first one is most intriguing because it seems to be peeking out behind the greenery. I also think the one with all the writing seems to have a story to tell. Good job finding worthy photos for the challenge at the last minute.

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    1. Thank you so much, the door is a stage door in a theatre leading from the behind the scenes area into the auditorium. As for the first door it is my favourite too, but rather than peeking I find the door ‘hiding’…..we all have our own views, and I love to hear those of others so thanks for this. Enjoy the day, MM 🍀

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