The delicate bells of the bluebell flower in a wood outside of Cork

If you go down to the woods today….part III

This time of the year the woods are scented with the wonderful smell of wild garlic. Love it.

It is also the time of the delicate bluebell, a flower that can provide a most spectacular carpet for woodland. Unfortunately up in Garryduff I think it was more of a small rug than a full blown carpet, but pretty nonetheless.

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So if you go down to the woods today, be ready for a great surprise……

11 thoughts on “If you go down to the woods today….part III

  1. Bluebell time is what I probably miss most from the UK. I think I visited most of the larger bluebell displays in our neck of the woods while we lived there…

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      1. Ah, I haven’t been that way. Meant to drive to the Brecon Beacons once, and we’d have passed by the forest, but that didn’t work out. Most recently we lived in Guildford; just on our doorstep was Little Wix Wood on the Hatchlands estate. Not a huge forest, but I’ve *never* seen so many bluebells in one place – carpets of them. Close by we also enjoyed the bluebells in Winkworth arboretum, and I remember a lovely walk in Scathes wood out in Kent, on the Ightham Mote estate. Some of my best images, though, were from little pockets of ancient woodland I passed by on my walks. You can see some of the photos by following the tag on my blog ( though note some of the posts just mention the bluebells. I’m sure I have several others I still need to process :-S

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      2. They really do provide a wondrous carpet. Not familiar with the Surrey / Kent area, though I guess Boxhill should have its spots for bluebells. Might just have to dig out some Forest of Dean images. Thanks for the link, just been checking them out – glorious flowers. MM πŸ€

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      3. Thank you! There’s a few other wooded areas I wanted to visit but never got around to – particularly Staffhurst Wood and Glover’s Wood are said to have great bluebell displays. I don’t think Boxhill itself was particularly good for this, though is a great area for walks – been around there lots.

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