Statues of the Passage installation in Wroclaw disappear into the pavement

Passage in Wroclaw

The ‘Passage’ is a fantastic street art installation on the corner of a busy road junction just outside of the old main square area. It comprises a total of fourteen life-sized statues which literally sink into the pavement on one side of the road, while on the other side of the road the status rise on up out of the pavement.

The work is by Polish artist Jerzy Kalina and was installed in 2005 to mark the 24th anniversary of the imposition of martial law in the country. The figures disappearing into the pavement represent those members of the public who “disappeared” at this time,  while the rising figures reflect the rise of the ordinary citizen two years later and the withdrawal of martial law. Personally I found the work incredible and was very much moved by it. The only issue I had was trying to gain a half decent image, given the busy nature of the junction and the hindering position of the sun. So if in Wroclaw, make sure you take in this remarkable art memorial.   Information Source: My Modern Net

13 thoughts on “Passage in Wroclaw

  1. Wow! What a fabulous piece of art. I cannot believe it is not on Trip Advisor either…
    Great shots and I can imagine how difficult it would be to take without other distractions. (You’d have to get up mighty early, methinks… 😉 )

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  2. When I saw the image first, I thought that there were actually rising up out of the ground so thanks for the clarification.

    There is a similar sculpture theme adjacent to the library in Ennis where the timber statues get smaller and buried in the ground as one goes around the circle – which just from observation, I took as retreating into the ground but maybe not

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  3. I’m moved just by looking at the photos so to see the actual statues in situ and understand the reason for their being, would have been powerful. To me this is where art helps us remember things we should never forget and this particular memorial looks like it has the energy to deliver. Thank you John.

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    1. You are so spot on Lee, this delivers in bucketloads. If anyone goes here and is not moved, I’d check for a pulse. Can you believe it, but it wasn’t even on Trip advisor (so I wrote a piece to get it on there – still awaiting these photos to be loaded mind). This is wonderful art that hits home. Thank you for your comment Lee. MM 🍀


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