Chopper gnome

Wroclaw’s Dwarves

They are running rampant over the city, with a reputed population of over 300. The little  gnomes first came onto the scene in 2001 and since then they have grown in popularity (source: wikipedia). There are even maps that can be bought with the central gnomes marked on them.

As they were quite charming and mostly depicted the premises of the building that they were outside (such as a hotel, bakery, bank etc.) it was quite fun to stumble across these guys and their amusing activities. Here are some of our favourites:

They are not all on the ground either, so to begin with you end up missing so many of them –  take for instance the guy up the lamppost. A great marketing stunt that proved amusing on our weekend in Wroclaw.

18 thoughts on “Wroclaw’s Dwarves

  1. I think these are fantastic. As tourist gimmicks go, this one looks to be such fun. I showed the photos to one of my sons and he immediately wanted to visit and see them for himself. His favourite was the gnome scaling the lamppost.


  2. They are definitely endearing and what fun to find them everywhere. Are they glued or screwed to the ground because I could see people loving them so much they would want one (like Fredrick above) and they might disappear. The perspective photo is great as otherwise you really have no idea of the size, and they ARE small !!!


    1. They provided an added distraction and if they were nearby to where we were we would try and find them. Sadly the Odra washer woman had been washed away, we’ll all except her boots which remained on the quayside. Thanks fir commenting. MM 🍀


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