View of the main square in Wroclaw

Rynek, Wroclaw

As discussed previously on this blog, being in Europe enables us to see so many cultures in a matter of just a few hours. For our latest trip we popped over to Wroclaw in Poland. Quite a simple selection process really; where can we fly to directly from Cork that we have not been before?

This place has had some history and seems to keep getting carved up and claimed on a regular basis. The large old square (the Rynek) was impressive and once more we could not help but notice some of the smaller residents of this city.

More on the little fellas tomorrow.

17 thoughts on “Rynek, Wroclaw

  1. Wow! How fabulous that you can just “pop” over to another country so easily… These pictures are simply gorgeous and now I needs must add a new destination to my “must visit” list!

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    1. Thanks Laura, the gnomes started with a few examples and then more and more businesses commissioned them. So now you can get a gnome map and go gnome hunting. They are a relatively recent addition but quite quirky and fun. πŸ€

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  2. And here I was thinking Wroclaw was in Ireland and nearly said something about the strange name, ah well not being in Europe I don’t have that cultural advantage πŸ™‚ Fascinating place from the looks of your fabulous images. Love how the buildings colours all work together when really they shouldn’t, and those little people πŸ™‚

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