Old shredded curtains billow in the wind

Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral III

I know this is a bit of a late run on the challenge, but I didn’t even find out the challenge until Tuesday. My last entry is on exactly the same lines as Ephemeral I and Ephemeral II but here I have organised a number of images into a mosaic.

All images were taken in an old farmhouse in North Cork, Ireland which has not been lived in for around thirty years.

Within the images the underlying ephemeral theme is depicted by the way in which our existence here on this planet is so fleeting. Additionally, billowing rose curtains provide a slightly more traditional interpretation of the weekly photo challenge.

I’d also like to add my thanks to the landowner who gave me permission to enter the building to get these shots.

15 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge – Ephemeral III

  1. As long as memory lasts, the ephemeral can remain with us in spirit. Whatever—or *who*ever—is remembered is never gone. Thanks for sharing the beauty of fleeting things and giving new life to these!

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  2. Wonderful ‘ephemeral’ stuff John. I particularly liked both Billowing and Net Curtains something about them that says a family lived and loved here – and left. Quite sad and I can’t help wondering about the circumstances that made them leave and leave possessions behind. Enjoy your Easter break and hope the weather is kind.

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    1. Not sure why, but I thought that it was simply a case of an old couple being the last residents and when they died there was no one to take on the house and lands. The great thing with places like this is that they allow your own mind to conjure a story. Glad you liked it Lee. John


    1. That would be my pick too 😎. In all these images the scenes are as they stood and I did not interfere at all. Quite haunting in some ways. Enjoy Easter Debbie, 🐣🍀🐣


    1. The Sympathy card was lying in one of the bedroom’ cupboards, door ajar. With all these images I did not touch anything to aid composition, they were photographed as stood. Agree with comments. Have a Happy Easter Dale, love from Cork 🐣💚🐣


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