Love in Ten Lines

I was handed the Love in ten lines challenge by Dale of Delectable Life fame. In the challenge one has to write a poem about love and follow these rules:

  • Write about love using only 10 lines.
  • Use the word love in every line.
  • Each line can only be 4 words long.

Now that makes it all a wee bit trickier, particularly the four words bit, but here goes:

Love in Ten Lines

Love, four letter word
A  hollow word, love
“But I love you….”
“If you loved me…”

Love, more than words
Actions speak of love
Being there is love
True love will endure

Love, the ultimate reward
Love, the ultimate prison

John Grant

As part of the challenge one also has to provide a quote on love, so here is one I have dug up for you all:

“The more one judges, the less one loves.”   – Honore de Balzac, Physiologie Du Mariage

Here is the official version of how this challenge works:

  • Write about love using only 10 lines.
  • Use the word love in every line.
  • Each line can only be 4 words long.
  • Nominate others who are up for the challenge.
  • Let them know about the challenge.
  • Title the post:  Love in Ten Lines
  • Include a quote about love ( this can be your own)
  • You may write in any language

Additionally as part of the challenge I will nominate others to take part in the challenge, should they choose to do so.  My nominations are:

For those nominated it would be great if you decide to take part, but I fully understand if you decide to decline.

I now realise my mistake of asking five writers, which means my offering will seem the poor relation. Feel free to pass on your comments, feedback is always good.

30 thoughts on “Love in Ten Lines

  1. I love this poem
    Poetry is word love
    Love wrapped in words
    Spread lovingly on paper
    Devoured with a love
    Love eaten and digested
    Love written with care
    Verse poetry of love
    Your poem I love
    Love is word poetry.

    … 🙂

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  2. Hey there. I’m late in reading this ,…so I’ve taken your challenge. I’m sharing because you inspired me. First draft- no edits -quick write.

    Love in ten lines challenge

    Easy love is not
    Love is not hard
    Love is not free
    Unconditional love is fleeting
    The pain love brings
    The freedom love provides
    Love is often lost
    I’m sorry my love
    I wish I could love
    To love so fearlessly

    “A kiss is a lovely trick designed by nature to stop speech when words become superfluous.”
— Ingrid Bergman

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      1. No blog or place to post. I’m pretty much non-existent online. You can credit me…..your friend In the US😊
        Btw way Keith & Annette returned from UK in April and are in Connecticut. They’ve purchased a wine shop.
        But I often consider having dove kind of blog after reading yours! Anyway-I shared the challenge with a few friends and they responded admirably!!! Xo -kris

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  3. Hello and thank you so much for the nomination, I truly appreciate. I like your poem, it’s really nice and has a deep meaning though it’s only 40 words. I do accept the challenge but the problem is that I haven’t visited any blogs in a while and won’t be able to nominate others so let me try to post a short poem about love but not a part of the challenge.

    Thank you once again and have a nice day. 🙂 Let me now see your latest posts, it’s been a while!

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    1. Welcome back then Ahmed. I have been terrible and keeping up with others myself of late. Far too much going on, including an exam which I sat this morning. Like the proposal….MM 🍀


  4. Oh this is splendidly done Mick! Fabulous depiction – I am so into duality always and it is growing ever larger – so this really ignites me. I may even write something! 😀
    Cheers for the nomination – quite cool you thought of including me. 😀


  5. I LOVE this, the challenge,the effort, your chosen quote. Spreading love, in thought of words and reading about is a beautiful way to add to the world in a very positive way. I really appreciate this. Great work continuing the chain 🙂


  6. Well done! Love the quote too.
    So happy you took me up on the challenge! I, too, foolishly challenged some writers and boy did they deliver. Made mine look utterly childish, truth be told.
    Not yours, though. Love it.

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